I first started doing yoga early in 2017 in a studio in Vietnam and continued practicing it throughout the end of my first semester in a class at Haverford. I loved the practice; I loved how I felt and how my body felt afterwards, yet I was in constant debate whether I should continue doing yoga at the expense of having to stay up late on yoga nights - Wednesday and Sunday - to finish homework, or I should quit yoga and pick up another sports with which I can practice on my own.

I was in that constant debate, but no more when I discovered Down Dog.

Downdog app

Down Dog provides me with the studio-like experience, coupled with the freedom to practice yoga whenever I want, adjusted to my needs.


As soon as you fire up the app, you can start your practice immediately. The instructor works with you through the poses with video and voice instructions.

Downdog pose

Another selling point of Down Dog is the music during practice - music that “rises and falls with your breathing”. By matching the song rhythm with the intensity of movements, Down Dog essentially gives you the yoga boost in the same way upbeat music enhances a workout.

Downdog music


Down Dog is different, and therefore better, than pre-recorded yoga YouTube videos and other yoga apps in its vast customization options. You can choose the length of the practice, the level appropriate to you, the type (e.g.: Full Practice, No Warm-up, …), boost (all-around or aerobic practice), or savasana length (cool-down duration).

Downdog customizable board

Great as the free version is, the pro version allows you to customize your practice even more, targeting a specific group of muscles and helping you achieve your goals faster.

Saying Down Dog is the best yoga app is not in the least a stretch. No more bending over backwards to find the heath app you always want. Download Down Dog now!